iPug™ The Revolution in Estate and Asset Protection Planning

You Can Do More Than Think Outside The Box,
You Can Re-Invent It!

What makes iPug™ unique? These trusts are easily understood. Whether you are everyday people, savvy business owners or busy professionals, they all are looking to iPug™ to protect their personal planning goals and objectives.

“Business owners and professionals who want to protect their assets without giving up control or use of those assets are just the ticket, but iPug™ is also exceptionally useful for individuals who want to protect their personal assets, now from lawsuits, predators and nursing homes,” Richard comments.

“The key element people appreciate about iPug™ is that they remain in control. They can have full access to income and indirect access to principal depending on individual goals and objectives. Since everything is reported on a 1040, the flexibility of these trusts ensures no separate income or gift tax returns are required.”

The iPug™ is immune to market conditions. “In times of fear and anxiety, such as we are currently experiencing, many peoples’ level of fear of losing what they have is heightened and they are more likely to engage in this form of asset protection planning because it enables them to remain in control and have customized access,” elaborates Richard.

“A decrease in the value of their portfolios actually has a positive result when planning for Medicaid eligibility, because it enables it to be accomplished in less time and creates a ‘Medicaid freeze,’ ensuring no additional penalties will be incurred when the full value of their stocks return.”

Richard also points out that people need nursing homes regardless of market conditions. “This creates an immediate need that far outweighs those of a wavering stock market,” he says. “Individuals see iPug™ as a solution in these uncertain times, rather than a condition of these uncertain times.”

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