Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s?

  • Alzheimer's

Care-giving for someone with Alzheimer’s is one of the most
difficult jobs in the world.

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In caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, in addition to making sure that your loved one’s daily needs are met, you are also faced with the fact that your relationship with this person is no longer what it once was. Oh, and as a little side note, you are also trying to maintain some sort of life of your own. Many care-giving guides give very technical and clinical information to try to enable caregivers do a better job. The Barron Law Firm can help you with practical information and useful suggestions to make the everyday things of life easier:

    • “How can I get my Mom to take a bath?”
    • “What do I do when Dad won’t sit down and eat?”
    • “What do I do when my husband becomes agitated and upset?”

These are the things that, when faced everyday, lead to caregiver burnout. Caregiver burnout is what leads to the need to place your loved one in a 24-hour care setting.  If you are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, contact the Barron Law Firm for a free initial consultation.

  • Alzheimer's

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“What Happens to My Assets if I don’t die

but instead become sick and lose my mental or physical capacity

and need Long Term, Nursing Home, Care?”

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