iPug, The Revolution in Estate and Asset Protection Planning

iPug,™ The Revolution in Estate and
Asset Protection Planning
You Can Do More Than Think Outside The Box,
You Can Re-Invent It!

For the past few months, Americans have been riding an economic roller coaster. Many are beset by fear and even more have lost all confidence in the economy.

The burning question on their minds is: what will the future bring?

Some say that it is anyone’s guess. But, what if it could be more than a guess? What if you had a way to replace uncertainty with certainty?

According to Richard Barron, a North Central Texas Planning Attorney, there is certainty in our uncertain times. Richard brings hope and solid, proven results in estate and asset protection planning.

The groundbreaking tool is the iPug™. “The iPug™ is a whole new approach to estate and asset protection planning,” Richard states.

So, just what is an iPug™? The iPug™ is a Self-Settled Asset Protection Trust™ for the everyday folk and Medicaid compliance that works in all states. It protects client assets from creditors, predators and nursing homes, while permitting the grantor to be trustee and have customized access. The iPug™ was created by utilizing universal, fundamental trust and common law principles and are not reliant or dependent upon state or federal specific asset protection laws.

“In essence, the iPug™ is an Irrevocable Grantor trust for income and estate tax purposes. It not only provides good tax benefits, including a full step-up in basis, but it also provides asset protection, while retaining Grantor control,” explains Barron. “With the increase in the estate tax exemption to $5.4 million, iPug™ will be applicable to 99.5% of Americans.”

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