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“The Consumer’s Guide to Hospice Care”

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Planning for oneself or a family member who has a life-threatening illness can be extremely stressful and very complicated. 

The emotional demands alone can make even the strongest among us feel paralyzed, even when we know that decisive action is needed.  To make matters worse, only a tiny number of us know what actually needs to be done or who to call for reliable information about getting it done.

In my experience as an Elder Law Attorney, I have found that most people facing a terminal illness  in themselves or in a family member experience great relief once they take the first step in planning for asset protection.   

With this idea in mind, I’m pleased to be able to provide quality information to individuals and families in crisis with the ultimate goal of helping someone that’s ill receive the best care possible while legally protecting their assets. Because everyone’s situation is unique, I’d like to review yours and provide a FREE consultation to provide you with answers to questions about what you should do for asset protection and explanations of the steps you should be taking for doing it.

When a life-threatening illness strikes, it’s the responsibility of the spouse or family leader to become fully informed–to get smart–about these things.

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  • The Consumer's Guide to Hospice Care

I have personally reviewed dozens of books, plus the literature commonly given to families who have someone on Hospice, and I’ve given and attended the public workshops and lectures.  I’ve found that these leave out most of the critical financial and legal information that you need to know…the information included in your free guide.

  • What is hospice? Who is eligible?
  • Is the decision to receive hospice care permanent?
  • Does hospice pay for the cost of a nursing home?
  • How can I qualify for financial assistance to cover the high costs of my loved one’s care?

Learn about the hospice benefit that could help save your family thousands of dollars and the new benefit that can help your family regain peace of mind

► The basics of Medicaid, and how you may be eligible…without selling your home or leaving your family bankrupt

► How gifting money to your children can disqualify your from receiving financial assistance… unless it’s done just right

► Find out how you may be able to protect your home from an estate recovery claim by the state and ….

► What probate is and how to avoid it.

I strongly encourage you to request your copy of   “The Consumer’s Guide to Hospice Care.”

It explains the strategies that hundreds of families have successfully used to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

As a special bonus for signing up today you will receive instant access to all areas of our web site in which you will find many resources to help you or your loved one navigate the “Elder Care Pathway” we all must take as we help those who are getting older and need more than just an estate plan, they need a Life Care Plan.. The biggest threat to Middle Americans financial security is the cost of long term, nursing home, care.  So, you need to ask yourself not what happens to my assets when I die, but rather,….

“What Happens to My Assets if I don’t die

but instead become sick and lose my mental or physical capacity

and need Long Term, Nursing Home, Care?”

Putting it off is a plan, may not be the best plan for those you leave behind, so don’t put it off any longer call us today at