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     I am Richard M. Barron Texas Elder Law Attorney located in Whitesboro, Texas. Thank you for visiting, and I encourage you to look around, ask questions, tell your friends, and bookmark this page.
     We offer you the truth about estate planning and disability planning, what planning documents you should have and why you should have them.
          1. What  is the truth about Medicaid. 
          2. What can I keep?
          3. What will the nursing home take from me?
          4. How will I manage without any income?
          5. Should I give away all of my stuff?
          6. Do I have to wait 5 years?
          7. Will I lose my home?
          I am scared, and cannot sleep at night? I need to know the truth!
      So , whether  you are just starting out or about to face long term care we can help!
     The peace of mind you have now can suddenly and without warning turn into a nightmare.  Panic can set in thinking you will lose all that you worked for. 
     If you or a loved one faces the prospect of long term nursing home care.  Fears include losing your home, your life savings and all of your income will go to the nursing home.
     We can show you legal ways to protect your home and life savings. Make sure you do not become destitute by transferring some, if not, all the income to the at home spouse.
     We can, in most circumstances, protect all of your assets, and qualify you for medicaid in 30 - 60 days.
     Over the last 38 years practicing law, I saw a need to educate people on the planning documents they should have in place and why. 
     We have helped hundreds of clients prepare for an uncertain future no matter your age. 
     To many people were getting bad advice from their friends, family, the nursing home and their family accountants and lawyers. All with good intentions but not knowing the complex rules and regulations to qualify for Medicaid or Veterans Benefits. 
     I wanted to be a source they could find the truth and regain their peace of mind.
     Here is what our clients say in their own words:
 1. Dear Mr. Barron,I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind you have given me and my family during the transition of my Mother's estate. You handled everything perfectly.— Susan B.
     It is our experience that many who visit our web site may not have an immediate need for our services, or they have a crisis situation and need help now. 
Either way, we can help you develop a Care Plan or Retirement Plan and show you legal ways to protect your assets, provide for your spouse and family, qualify for Medicaid, without going broke, and regain your peace of mind.
     In addition, we can answer your questions guide you through Retirement Planning Attorney, Care Planning.
     What is a revocable living trust and why would you need one?
     Power of Attorney? 
     Do I qualify for Veteran's Benefits, Medicaid Benefits plus many more questions are answered in our Free Consumer Guides, located in our Library   
     Thank you for stopping by, and if we can be of assistance please call us at 1-903-564-3663 or email rbarron@texaselderlawattorney.com 

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