Elder Care Attorney Richard M. Barron understands the process of qualifying for Medicaid in Texas, and it can be confusing at best.

Medicaid rules and regulations are complex, tricky, and seemingly designed to frustrate those people that Medicaid is in place to help!


 I hear the same questions over and over from people like you…people who are concerned that qualifying for Medicaid is going to leave them with virtually nothing, and avoiding this requires an Elder Care Plan and Retirement Planning. The following are questions we answer from people just like you:

  • Can I protect my home from the state?

  • How much of my income will I be allowed to keep?

  • How can I reduce (or even eliminate) my nursing home bills?

  • Will I be able to pass on an inheritance to my children?

  • Is there a way for me to avoid the hassle of dealing with State agencies?

  • My loved one is already in a nursing home…is it too late to qualify for benefits?

With these questions in mind, Elder Law Attorney, Richard M. Barron has prepared an elder care planning guide to help you educate yourselves on the ins and outs of the Medicaid system. Elder Care Attorney, Richard M. Barron would like to offer you a FREE copy of this guide, featuring a number of strategies and tips written in plain English.


The goal is to help you prepare an elder care plan to protect your assets from the cost of nursing home or other long‑term care, and to assure security for your spouse and a legacy for your children. Our elder care plan can guide you through the Medicaid Application maze and save you time and money.


Learn the 8 Steps you should be taking to qualify for

Medicaid  WITHOUT going broke?

The biggest threat to Middle Americans financial security is the cost of long term, nursing home, care, you need to have a care plan, and retirement plan from an Elder Care Attorney Richard M. Barron


So, you need to ask yourself not what happens to my assets when I die, but rather,….


“What Happens to My Assets if I don’t die but instead become sick and lose my mental or physical capacity and need Long Term, Nursing Home, Care?”

Putting it off is a plan, may not be the best plan for those you leave behind, so don't put it off any longer call Texas Elder Law Attorney Richard M. Barron today at 1-903-564-3663 to schedule your appointment and regain your peace of mind!

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