EmFinders - Locate The Lost

 “Reuniting a family with there loved one is what it is all about” the mission of EmFinders as spoken by Its co founder and CEO Jim Nalley.  Jim was my guest on the ”Senior Focus” radio show Thursday December 9, 2010 from 2-3 PM on KAAM AM 770. 

 Click here to hear the show     Senior Focus 12-9-10

Jim explained the companys product and sevice to be able to locate and rescue loved ones who may wander. 

The device know as the EmSeeQ is worn by the individual and resembles a wrist watch, but if that person comes up missing then a call to 911 and EmFinders operation center will activate the locating device to allow emergency personal to be able to find, rescue and return the person to their loved ones. 

 Peace of Mind for a very modest investment. Find out more by going to their web site or call them at 972-439-1960 or 866-426-3386.

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