Accountable Aging - Medicare Open Enrollment

Accountable Aging Care Management (AACM) helps seniors and their families’ research, select and manage the best care providers for their situation. We help you choose the right eldercare services from reliable and trusted sources near you, in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. Whether you need in-home nursing care, non-medical in-home care or you are ready to consider assisted living or nursing home options, AACM can help guide your decision process.  In addition, Mary went through the process of open enrollment for Medicare and the Advantage Plans, describing what you need to be aware of before it is to late.  Call Accountable Aging and let their experience guide you through this important decision concerning your future care needs.  The number is 214-206-1696 or go to their web site  

 To Listen to the show, click the following link and look at the top right hand portion to click on the radio show, and be sure to disable your pop up blocker, Medicare Open Enrollment

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