Don’t make BIG MONEY Medicaid mistakes!

Don’t make BIG MONEY Medicaid mistakes! In this special report, you will learn how to avoid some of the common traps that cause big money losses.

BIG MONEY MISTAKE NUMBER ONE: Don’t let a nursing home social worker or the state Medicaid department complete your Medicaid application. The Medicaid rules are even more complicated and less understood than the tax rules. People need a trained guide who has experience with qualifying clients for Medicaid while at the same time, saving more money for the families. Quite frankly, those who need to qualify for Medicaid are at the mercy of the state government. Getting help may be the best decision you can make.

BIG MONEY MISTAKE NUMBER TWO: Someone may have told you, “It’s too late to do anything, because there is now a five-year look-back penalty!” That is technically right. Everybody seems to know that there’s a five-year audit by the state Medicaid department of every one of your financial documents, whenever you apply for Medicaid. And those same people who know about this rule assume that there’s nothing that you can do to help the family to save money if you’re within five years of applying for Medicaid. But ask those folks, “How many Medicaid applications have you ever completed?” The answer is usually… ZERO! You need help from an elder law firm that knows the Medicaid rules and works every day to represent clients who apply for Medicaid.

That’s right - often the people giving bad Medicaid advice include well-meaning accountants, nursing home staff, and even the Medicaid case workers themselves. But the hidden truth is this: A good elder law attorney has learned the state, federal, and even the county rules governing Medicaid. He or she will then apply the specific facts of your own family situation to the Medicaid rules and figure out what options you may have.  That’s what we do.

Every month, people hire my firm to help them.  We deal with the State so they don’t have to.  We show them sound legal solutions that help them protect more of their money. Don’t get me wrong, we cannot promise you a rose garden, but we can show you how our legal services will often save you money. And if they won’t, we’ll tell you that too.  That’s because our services are designed to save you money, not cost you. You will often be far better off when we guide you.

BIG MONEY MISTAKE NUMBER 3: Dealing with the State can be frightening and intimidating. It’s important that you let an elder law attorney take that worry away from you and help you make your life better today. Let us sit down with the Medicaid department so that you don’t have to. We know the rules and the right answers. We tell the truth and we never hide anything! If we give you money-saving advice, we highlight our advice when we talk to the Medicaid caseworkers. To schedule a no-obligation consultation, please call us now at (800) 939-9093.

No one wants to be out of money and out of options before they are out of breath. While it’s not possible to guarantee specific results, we work with clients and families to guide them through the minefield of public benefits, veteran’s benefits, Medicare, Social Security, special needs trusts, powers of attorney, and Medicaid.

Our job is to increase the quality of life of our clients, not just to figure out who-gets-what after you pass away. Give us a call and check us out. If we’re not the right fit for you, then we can help you find someone who is. Call us at (800) 939-9093 today!

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