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Are you wondering if you are going along the right path to a quality life for an aging loved one? Do you find that your elder family member has many different needs that you are unsure how to address such as, in-home care, medication management, rehabilitation, nutrition, socialization, etc? Or, perhaps you would like to know when the right time is to refer a client, friend or family member to a care manager?

 This program will address how care management can provide peace of mind and relieve stress about eldercare issues and how to effectively deal with the eldercare environment. If you have been wondering what care management really is, please listen and invite your friends, who are dealing with these and similar issues, to do likewise!

About Accountable Aging Care Management (AACM):

AACM, founded in 2002, is an eldercare consulting and care management firm. We work with elder clients and their families to find the best care providers and services to meet their needs in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. We manage elder care situations on an hourly fee basis. The advantage of our firm is that our team has experts in many areas from home care, rehabilitation, family facilitation, financial oversight, nursing, Social Security and Medicare. We provide a single point of contact for the care providers, elders and family. Accountable Aging Care Management is an invaluable resource for families who need a “guidance counselor” along the aging journey. For more information, visit

 Remember, we don’t sell any products, so our only interest is your best interest.

 For more information on how we can help you navigate any eldercare dilemma, call us:

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