How to Get Medicaid Assistance for Your Nursing Home Care

“How to Get Medicaid Assistance for Your Nursing Home Care –

Without Selling the Family Home, Wiping Out Your Savings, or Leaving Your Spouse with Virtually No Income”

Hundreds of families have used my effective –

and completely legal – methods to protect their assets …

and their family’s financial future.

Discover how you, too, can put these time-tested tactics to work for you! Join us for a


February 4, 2013 5:30-7:00 PM 1400 Preston Road, Suite 400, Plano, Texas

Dear Caregiver:

The dreaded day has arrived. Your spouse or parent is headed to a nursing home. And you’re trying to figure out how on earth you’ll be able to afford paying $3,500 … $4,000 … maybe even more – each month – for the expenses.

Medicaid is an option. But you wonder if it means selling the house. Spending all of the savings. And helping your loved one figure out how to survive on a new, drastically reduced income. Because you have to be nearly broke to get Medicaid, right?

Not necessarily.

The good news is there are ways – effective, legal ways – to protect your family’s assets. So you can get the high-quality care your loved one deserves … and still protect the family’s financial future.

“Can You Legally and Effectively Protect Your Assets From a Long Nursing Home Stay?” During a two- hour, information-packed workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How the new Medicaid Law changes affect you… and the steps you can take now to protect your hard-earned assets.
  • 5 of the biggest mistakes made by families of nursing home residents … and how to avoid them.
  • How to protect your loved one’s assets from nursing home costs – up to 50% more than what you typically would expect.
  • One of the most important legal documents your loved one needs – and the 3 things it should contain.
  • Why traditional estate planning may not work … and what you should be doing instead.
  • How to keep your loved one’s home … even if on Medicaid.
  • How a living trust can sometimes destroy your loved one’s planning opportunities for Medicaid.
  • How to help protect your loved one’s estate from state efforts to recover money spent on their behalf.
  • How your loved one may be able to keep more income than the $60 monthly allowance Medicaid permits.
  • How to find the right nursing home … and get good care.
  • How to avoid being disqualified for Medicaid coverage by properly structuring gifts.
  • How to help ensure your loved one’s estate provides an inheritance for heirs … and supports your nursing home-bound relative.
  • Immediate steps you should take to maximize the amount of assets your loved one can keep and pass on to heirs.

Sound Advice … From Elder and Disability Law Attorneys

The workshop is hosted by The Barron Law Firm, which helps protect the rights and assets of nursing home residents. Your instructor, Richard M. Barron, J.D., lectures on Medicaid, Veteran and Estate Planning for the firm’s clients.

Clients typically pay more than $250 per hour for our expert advice. But you’ll get to discover our completely legal – but frequently overlooked — tactics for protecting yours or your parent’s assets absolutely free. There’s a catch, though …

Seating Is Limited. So Reserve Your Seat NOW!

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But don’t delay. If you want to hear what one of the top elder, veteran and disability law attorney says about protecting your assets while getting Medicaid assistance, take two minutes to register by calling The Law Firm’s toll-free seminar registration line at


With kindest regards,

Richard M. Barron

Founder and Owner

The Barron Law Firm

P.S.     Seating is limited … and it’s going on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserve your spot – and one for a spouse or family member, if you’d like – by calling


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