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Hiring a Home Care Employee?

More and more older people are choosing to stay in their homes after they lose physical skills as a result of an illness or accident. Relatives and friends often help out so people who wish to do so can remain in their homes. But often, more help is needed. Home care is available to help the person stay at home, rather than having the person move into an institution. If you are going to need help in the home, there are many things you will need to consider and precautions that you should take to avoid elder abuse.

When interviewing possible home health aids, it is important to do an extensive National and State background check. This is especially important if you choose to hire a private aide rather than from a home health care agency.

rovide Necessary Information

When hiring a home care assistant, it is helpful to spend time him or her to show them the daily routine and what goes on. It s crucial that you provide the following information to the home health care employee about the elderly person's:

  • Likes and dislikes
  • Diets
  • Illnesses
  • Possible behavior problems
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Medications
  • Emergency contact information
  • Security precautions
  • Where medical supplies are kept
  • Washing and cleaning supplies and how they are used
  • Light bulbs, flashlights and the location of the fuse box
  • The location and use of certain household appliances


It is helpful to hire someone who drives, although it may not always be possible. If the employee is going to drive your family car, make sure to inform your insurance company and provide a copy of their driver's license to your insurance company.

Insurance and Payroll

Check with your insurance company about coverage for a home care employee. Contact the appropriate state and federal agencies concerning social security taxes, state and federal withholding taxes, unemployment insurance, and workman's compensation. If you do not want to deal with these withholdings from the employee's salary contact a payroll preparation service. They can issue the employee's check with the necessary withholdings for a fee.

Some home care aides work as contractors. Even in these cases, you must report their earnings to the Internal Revenue Service. Before employing an aide on a contract basis, consult your financial advisor or tax advisor to make certain that you are following the IRS rules that govern contract workers, since there can be a fine line between who is considered to be an employee versus a contractor.

Once home aide is hired it is important to keep belongings & elder safe from abuse:

  • Protect your private papers and valuables by putting them in a safe deposit box
  • Have mail sent to a post office box where you can pick it up or have a trustworthy source routinely pick up the mail.
  • Check the phone bill for unauthorized calls such as long distance calls
  • Never make checkbooks or credit cards available to anyone.
  • Frequently review bank, credit card statements, and bills for unauthorized use.
  • Once you have hired a home care worker, communicate frequently and make sure that both you and the worker have a clear understanding of the job responsibilities to the older person and to each other.

For assistance in hiring a home care employee contact:

Tracey Kinker-Gebert, CPA
FamilyFirst Eldercare Services
[email protected]

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