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Texas Elder Law Attorney Elder Care Services

As we mature, the relationship between financial needs and lifestyle choices can become increasingly complex. Richard M. Barron, Texas Elder Law Attorney, can help you see and understand the “big picture” to help you make the best financial decisions in your retirement years. It provides a safety net for seniors and their families.

Mom & Dad or another family member or close friend are having a difficult time managing their accounts and assessing their long-term needs, you want to be able to help but they are distant. Our Eldercare Services can help you both!

We can benefit families with time constraints who want to help a loved one in need to maximize and maintain their independence.

Whether you are looking to relieve the pressures of managing your own financial affairs, or help someone you love make the most of their resources and financial choices, we can help!

Texas Elder Law Attorney can provide

Financial services, analyzing and monitoring income and expense

  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow planning
  • Payment of bills, making deposits, and handling routine financial transactions.
  • Reporting to family members on financial activity, including complete accounting of all financial transactions.

Asset protection and planning

  • Visiting and noting surroundings
  • Examining routine financial transactions for reasonableness

Maintenance arrangements for home maintenance

  • Emergencies and unexpected occurrences in addition to regularly coordinating the client’s care
  • Visiting and reviewing logs and other evidence to confirm that the client’s needs are being met based on existing arrangements

Individual-specific eldercare plan

  • Assess needs
  • Customize a plan
  • Supervise and evaluate caregivers’ performance

Legal, Medicare, social security, and insurance issues

  • Assist in purchasing adequate insurance necessary to protect the client’s estate
  • Assuring the quality of services (based on client needs and desires) performed by referred professionals
  • Assessing health care insurance needs, including life, health insurance and home health care, among others

Veterans Benefits helping to qualify for pension benefits for honorably discharged Veterans

  • Aid and attendance
  • Housebound

Medicaid Planning for Long Term, Nursing Home Care

  • Eligibility for Medicaid
  • Medicaid Rules
  • Medicaid Applications
  • Crisis Medicaid Planning
  • We deal with state caseworker so you don’t have to

Lifecare Planning it used to be “What happens to my asset when I die?” now the new question is “What happens to my assets if I don’t die, but become ill and need long term, nursing home care?”.

We will help you design a plan the provides for both your financial and health care security.  Today the biggest risk to middle Americans financial security is long term, nursing home care.  Our goal is to hepl you design a plan were you stay in control of your income and assets and that you have enough money to provide for your health care needs as you age.  The plan is designed to maintain your independence and to allow you to live in the lest restrictive environment.

Understand the elderly while meeting their individual needs

Understand and know how to handle changes in mental attitudes and physical capabilities.


As your parents age, it may become evident that they need a little more help on a day to day basis. Maybe it is help taking care of the house or paying their bills. Perhaps increased medical needs caused concerns about how much longer the family member will be able to remain at home. Oftentimes children and family members live quite a distance and have too many time demands on their own lives to provide proper assistance.

Texas Elder Law Attorney helps your loved one to continue living independently with assistance from our team of professionals. Our services include coordinating with other professionals regularly to ensure the well being of our clients. This way we can provide you with peace of mind.

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