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Richard M. Barron

attorney at law

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Reasons to go Forward with our help


Why you need our services

  • We provide detailed instructions for each step necessary to qualify as soon as possible for Medicaid benefits.

  • We monitor the process closely and help you work through the issues as they come along.

  • Even a simple action can result in months of added disqualification if not done perfectly.

  • We help you work through the bureaucratic rules and regulations which often make no sense.

  • We have years of experience helping our clients work with financial institutions to achieve our desired goals.

  • We adjust our planning process if you have any unexpected changes in your family circumstances.

  • We notify you of any changes in the Texas Medicaid rules as they apply to your situation.

  • We have extensive experience with families who have tried unsuccessfully to go forward without our help. Sometimes the mistakes they have made can mean months of expensive nursing home bills before we can fix their mistakes.

Services provided in our going forward phase

  • Analyze in detail each source of income, and all assets and liabilities.

  • Prepare a spreadsheet allocating assets to the proper category of available, unavailable, or excluded according to Texas Department of Aging.

  • Determine what needs to be done to gain Medicaid qualification.

  • Prepare detailed plan of action.

  • Give specific instructions regarding each asset.

  • Assemble and review all necessary documentation.

  • Monitor process carefully to make sure that all actions are completed correctly and in a timely fashion.

  • Verify all sources of income.

  • Make all necessary income calculations.

  • Prepare Qualified Income Trust, if necessary.

  • List all assets transferred within the past 36 months.

  • Track each account closed over the last 36 months and note where the funds were moved

  • Review any necessary contracts.

  • Prepare detailed Medicaid application package to be presented by us at the interview with Texas Department of Aging caseworker.

  • Follow up with caseworker until application has been approved.

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Legal Disclaimer

This information has been provided for informational purposes only.  It does not constitute legal advice. 

The receipt of this information does not establish an attorney-client privilege.

Proper legal advice can only be given upon consideration of all the relevant facts and the law. 

Therefore, you should not act upon any information contained herein without seeking

appropriate legal counsel.  

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