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Planning Documents


Advanced Planning


These are instruments declaring your instructions in the event you become incapacitated


Living Will- Also known as a directive to physicians and

 family surrogates, this document clearly express to your doctor

 and others your wishes regarding the use of life-sustaining

 medical procedures when death is imminent.

Medical Power of Attorney- A medical power of attorney

 for health care authorizes the person you name to make health

 care decisions for you in the event you are unable to make them.

Power of Attorney for Property and Finances- A

 durable power of attorney for property and finance authorizes the

 person you name to handle your financial affairs when you are

 incapable of doing so.

Declaration of Guardian in the Event of Incapacity-

 This instrument designates the person you would like to have

 appointed as your guardian if guardianship is unavoidable.  It can

 also be used to prevent the appointment of a certain person.

Wills and Trusts- Your peace of mind is the goal when we

 work together to plan your estate.  Peace of mind means obtaining

 legal instruments designed to distribute your property according

 to your wishes with the least possible taxes, expenses and delay

 that can be achieved in your circumstances. 


 Here are some of the  estate planning tools we use:


Simple Wills- A typical disposition of a moderately sized estate

 can usually be handled with a simple will. Evan a person with a

 small estate can benefit greatly from having a will.

Complex Wills-  If you need tax planning, or if you have

 particular needs or circumstances to be addressed, we can draft a

 will that is right for you, including, as appropriate, bypass trusts,

 disclaimer trusts, contingent trusts and special needs trusts. 

 Additionally, your estate, if large enough may justify the need for

 family limited partnerships, life insurance trust or a regular gifting

 plan to take advantage of the annual gift tax exclusion.

Living Trusts- The living trust can be a valuable estate

 planning tool for a client in an appropriate situation.

Special Needs Trust- The special needs trust allows

 individuals to give assets to individuals, either during their lifetime

 or at their death through their will, without causing those assets to

 make the beneficiary ineligible for Medicaid benefits.  This type of

 trust allows the person to have many of the "extras" that the

 government will not otherwise pay.


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Legal Disclaimer

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Proper legal advice can only be given upon consideration of all the relevant facts and the law. 

Therefore, you should not act upon any information contained herein without seeking

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