Jun 7, 2017

Make it Yours


Create discussions of your choice and make them look just right with easy text editing options.

When writing longer discussions without images, use our flexible text editing tools to bring your posts to life.

Make it easy for people to understand what you have to say by adding bullet points to your text so all your main points are clearly visible. Want to highlight important words in your text?

Use bold or Italics to make them stand out. Want to add links? It’s easy just select any text and add a hyperlink.

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  • evmlbvit
    Oct 29

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  • rmblo209
    Jun 7, 2017

    Perfect for long conversations. This is how your discussions will looks like without images. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Don’t be afraid of longer text. People read forums because they really care about a topic and they’re interested in what you’ve got to say. For great tips on how to style longer text conversations, check out our post, Make it Yours.
  • rmblo209
    Jun 7, 2017

    Get your visitors talking with tons of beautiful images on your post. A picture’s worth a 1000 words so go ahead and add your own. It’s easy to add your pictures to a post. Simply click on the camera icon, to add any image of your choice.

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